On behalf of the Board of Directors of the White Lake Resources Corp., the general partner for the White Lake Limited Partnership, Marlene Sabourin, President of the Board is today pleased to announce several positive developments in the long-standing relationship with Harte Gold Corp (“Harte Gold”).

This announcement was made at the Harte Gold mine site located in the exclusive traditional territory of the Pic Mobert First Nation near Mobert and White River, Ontario. Among the attendees were Chief Johanna Desmoulin, along with members of the Band Council, the Board of Directors of the White Lake Resources Corporation, staff of Pic Mobert First Nation and White Lake LP, Pic Mobert First Nation members, and officials of Harte Gold.

White Lake LP has been working closely with mine officials to develop and implement a variety of business opportunities that were  identified under the terms of an Impact Benefit Agreement signed earlier this year between Pic Mobert First Nation and Harte Gold. These opportunities are intended to meet the needs of the company and provide economic and employment opportunities for the benefit of Pic Mobert First Nation membership. To date, this partnership has yielded numerous and substantial contracts including the following:

  • The development and operation of a 100-person camp located in White River, including catering services, which White Lake LP is delivering through its joint ventures with the Morris Group and Outland Camps;
  • The provision of on-site security and related services by Anishinabek Total Security Solutions, which is a partnership between White Lake LP and Norpro Company;
  • The provision of labour services through which White Lake LP places occasional general labourers from the Pic Mobert First Nation on the mine site – this not only provides needed support for mine operations, but also provides an opportunity for employees to gain work experience and explore future opportunities for direct employment with Harte Gold.

These contracts are in line with White Lake LP’s business strategy to build a diversified portfolio of business capabilities that create value for the community and businesses operating within the Pic Mobert First Nation exclusive traditional territory and surrounding region. Officials of White Lake LP and Harte Gold are currently finalizing a long-term procurement strategy that will guide future projects between both parties for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Chief Desmoulin said “The Harte Gold mine site is in the exclusive traditional territory of Pic Mobert First Nation and as such I am delighted to see these outcomes of our long and productive working relationship with Harte Gold”. She added, “I am particularly encouraged to see our community members working here on-site and directly benefitting from the natural resources of our traditional and ancestral lands that our People have lived on for time immemorial.”,Sabourin said “We are very happy to be building a very strong and mutually beneficial business relationship with Harte Gold and look forward to providing quality and cost-effective services to the company over the entirety of its mine life”.

Stephen G. Roman, President and CEO of Harte Gold, commented “We have worked with Pic Mobert since taking on the Project in 2009 and over that time have built a strong partnership. Pic Mobert has been with us every step of the way, from early stage exploration, the 70,000-tonne bulk sample and 30,000 tonne phase I commercial production through to full scale phase II commercial production scheduled to begin this September. With final mine permitting in sight, we look forward to the next ten years and beyond as we continue near-mine and property-wide exploration programs on the regional scale 83,500 HA Sugar Zone Property. Pic Mobert First Nation and Harte Gold are a lesson to all of Canada on how to successfully work together and develop trust and understanding and accomplish great things that will be for everyone’s benefit in the region.”

About White Lake LP:
White Lake LP is a partnership of Pic Mobert First Nation and the White Lake Resources Corporation (as general partner), formed in 2006 to develop and implement business and employment opportunities for the benefit of Pic Mobert First Nation and its membership. White Lake LP directly and through a variety of partnerships and joint ventures, offers a wide range of services ranging from construction to contract labour.

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About Harte Gold:
Harte Gold Corp. is focused on the exploration and development of its 100% owned Sugar Zone Property where it completed a 70,000 tonne Advanced Exploration Bulk Sample, mined 30,000 tonnes under its Phase I Commercial Production Permit and is permitted and built an 800 tonne per day processing plant. The Sugar Zone Property is located 80 kilometres east of the Hemlo Gold Camp in Ontario. Using a 3 g/t Au cut-off, the Mineral Resource Estimate dated February 15, 2018 contains an Indicated Mineral Resource Estimate of 2,607,000 tonnes grading 8.52 g/t for 714,200 ounces of contained gold and an Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate of 3,590,000 tonnes, grading 6.59 g/t for 760,800 ounces of contained gold. Harte Gold also holds the Stoughton-Abitibi property located on the Destor-Porcupine Fault Zone, east of Timmins, Ontario, and adjacent to the Holloway Gold Mine.