Our Staff Team

Norm Jaehrling

Chief Executive Officer
e: ceo@whitelakelp.ca
t:  (807) 822-2624

Norman Jaehrling is Chief Executive Officer of White Lake LP.  He has held numerous leadership positions within the Pic  Mobert/ Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg organization for almost 30 years including CEO of the First Nation Administration.  He is responsible for strategic oversight and leadership of the organization and reports to the Board of Directors of White Lake Resources Corp., through the Chairperson.

Mr. Jaehrling is a life-long resident of Northern Ontario and has almost 35 years of experience in conceiving, evaluating, planning, financing and leading a wide cross-section of community and economic development and enterprise projects.

Lana Lawrence-Petten

Director of Operations
e:  opsdirector@whitelakelp.ca
c:  (705) 255-3293

Lana has been working with White Lake LP since 2017.  Her experience working in management and health and safety in construction, mining and energy sectors has given her a remarkable and highly valuable skill-set for her role with us.  Lana reports to the CEO, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization including policy development and enforcement, job planning, procurement, human resources, health and safety, asset management, customer liaison and job monitoring, quality control and issues related to management.

Basil Sabourin

Barrick Mine Contract Supervisor
e:  basilsabourin@barrick.com
c:  (807) 238-1100 Ext. 4374

Mr. Sabourin for the past 10 years has worked for the PMFN/Barrick Mine Contract, now called the WLLP/Barrick Mine Contract. The first 2 years he worked in the Open Pit as a Heavy Equipment Operator, the next 7 years he worked as a Welders Apprentice/Welder, and since September 8, 2020, he took on the role as the WLLP/Barrick Mine Contract Supervisor.

Mr. Sabourin is responsible for the day to day operations of the 17 employees that work for the WLLP/Barrick Mine Contract, he has always been a great advocate for the employees even before he took on the role as WLLP/Barrick Mine Contract Supervisor.

Mr. Sabourin has lived in the Pic Mobert First Nation all his life, he is involved in the traditional aspects of the community through his traditional practices of the big drum (Fearless Ojibway Singers), and attending, and singing in ceremonies on the hand drum. He enjoys the outdoors hunting, trapping, and fishing with his family and friends.

Greg Petten

Operations Manager
e:  operations@whitelakelp.ca
c:  (705) 200-0069

Greg is a proud Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg band member with 2 years forestry experience, and 15 years working as the Certified Environmental Technician at Barrick Gold. He has diplomas in Fish and Wildlife Management and Resource Management. Greg reports to the Director of Operations and the CEO and is responsible for the management of White Lake LP’s field operations and assets.

Courtney Godin

White Lake LP / Barminco Underground Contract Supervisor
e: barminco@whitelakelp.ca
c: (807) 228-4770

Ms. Godin started out with the White Lake LP Contract as a haul truck driver underground for 6 months and since then has moved up to the Underground Contract Supervisor for the company. Courtney has been in this role now for 9 months and is dedicated to keeping our workers safe, providing them with support and helping them reach their goals. Courtney is responsible for the day to day operations of the growing contract for the WLLP/Barminco Underground. She is known in the community for working at Netamisakomik centre for education and has always been helping out in the community or at gatherings.

“I’ve really grown to love and respect the underground and am committed to getting our employees home safe after their shifts.”

Ms Godin enjoys the outdoors, hunting and fishing and being with family & friends.

Laury Turcotte

Administrative Assistant
e:  admin@whitelakelp.ca
t:  (807) 822-2624

Laury started as the Administrative Assistant with White Lake Limited Partnership in August of 2020 after moving here to White River in 2015.  She comes to White Lake Limited Partnership with a management background in Native Housing for the past 13 years.  Prior to this she was working in the employment sector as a Employment Counsellor with various Native community organizations.  

Annette Currie

Mining Manager
e:  mining@whitelakelp.ca
c:  (705) 257-8650

Annette is a proud Neyaashiinigmiing band member (Cape Croker Unceded Reserve) Annette has been working with the Netmizaaggamig Nishnaabeg First Nation for over 5 years in various roles. Starting with White Lake in 2016 to commence the Community Energy plan and extending her role to the Ontario Works department as the Employment and Training councillor for 3 years. Annette has joined the White Lake team as the Manager of Mining Services and Liaison for the Barrick contract. Annette will take on an expanded role as Manager – Workforce Services, with a stronger emphasis on supporting and growing all of our labour supply agreements including development of career paths for our employees and diversification into technical, professional and managerial positions. Annette is committed to continuing to make a positive contribution to the Netmizaaggagmig Nishnaabeg nation and people.